Watching movies and TV shows online is not something new anymore. The birth of the World Wide Web gave rise to this convenient way of accessing satellite TV. One advantage of watching live television online is that you get to download the web television software and then install it in several home computers for other members of your family to enjoy the free and fun viewing experience as well. Here, now, is how to watch movies and TV shows online.

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A popular way of watching movies and TV shows online is live streaming. Streaming refers to the normal flow of data as it travels to someone's desktop computer from a server through a network connection. Streaming video works by using either Real Time Stream Protocol (RTSP) or Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Through this method, all data moving to a user’s machine over a network connection is streamed at a speed that depends on the network connection. The typical connection for most users is a modem running at 28.8Kbps per second or slower.

When it comes to streaming video and audio, a server is more than just a massive hard drive. In this case, the server refers to the software that delivers data to your computer. Some streaming servers can handle multiple file types, but others work only with specific formats.

As mentioned, internet TV is growing more and more popular as people are looking for ways by which they can entertain themselves in a more convenient manner. Internet TV is much like getting television through an antenna or a series of cable wires. What makes it different, though, is that information is sent over the internet as data. Put simply, internet TV is video and audio that are delivered over an internet connection. It is also known as internet protocol television or IPTV mainly because it allows users to watch online television on a computer screen, a television screen, or a mobile device.

Apart from a more convenient viewing experience, another advantage of watching online movies and shows is that you get to watch the shows that are censored from the mainly government-controlled media. You also gain access to thousands of channels from all over the world – even those that you will not see in your satellite television.

Again, the internet is a great source of information, means of communication, and entertainment. Learn how to watch movies and TV shows online, and enjoy what the World Wide Web has to offer.

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